Soti Steam Eye Masks (20 Pcs), for Dry Eyes Dark Circles Tired Eyes, L – Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening


Soti Steam Eye Masks (20 Pcs), for Dry Eyes Dark Circles Tired Eyes, Long Lasting Spa Treatment for eyes
Soti Steam Eye Masks (20 Pcs), for Dry Eyes Dark Circles Tired Eyes, Long Lasting Spa Treatment for eyes

Soti Steam Eye Masks (20 Pcs), for Dry Eyes Dark Circles Tired Eyes, Long Lasting Spa Treatment for eyes

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Removes Dark Circles.
Soothes Tired Eyes.
Sleeps Better.

STEAM EYE MASKS FOR DRY EYES - SOTI Self Heating Steam Warm Eye Masks are great to relieve your eye fatigue, moisturize your eyes, improve your sleep quality, reduce dry puffy eyes and dark circles. Our eye masks (10Pcs) are great to relieve stress, help to reduce anxiety, soothe and moisturize your eyes. It's a great Gift for friends and family as well.

LONG WORKING TIME STEAM EYE MASK - SOTI Self-heating Steam Eye Mask working time is at least 30-60 minutes. Our steam eye mask can keep the temperature at 104℉ for a longer time than any other self-heated steam eye masks in the Market. Maximum temperature at 104℉, gives you peace of mind even when you fall asleep. Wake up with brighter, refreshed, rejuvenated and more attractive eyes, worry-free!

ENJOY AN EYE SPA ANYTIME ANYWHERE - Our Steam Eye Masks are self-heated, unlike the traditional eye compress mask therapy, our masks do Not need a microwave for heating. All you need to do is just open the packet, relax & enjoy the spa treatment. You can enjoy an eye SPA anywhere whenever your eyes feel dry/tired. It's so convenient to refresh your eyes at home, even on a trip.

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - Researches have shown that moist heat compress therapy is very effective as a soothing relief treatment to red or puffy eyes, it is effective in pain relieve. SOTI Panda eye mask can give you inner-peace, calms emotions, relieves stress and anxiety, helps you fall asleep, relax, and gives you a zen comfortable feeling. Great gifts for yourself and your loved ones to reduce stress level, which is good for mental health.

EASY TO CARRY AND USE - Our steam eye masks are made of soft medical non-woven fabric. Each heating eye mask is individually packed. Texture is extremely soft and light, they contain pure cotton and they are so comfortable and skin friendly for your eyes. Each eye mask weighs only 0.5oz, with a faint scent of natural lavender, It's very convenient to put some of them in your bag and enjoy the eye SPA anytime needed. You can enjoy this heavenly pure comfort anywhere!


Do you have tired and dry eyes after binge watching Netflix, Youtube, playing with your phone, after long hours working on your computer? SOTI Auto Heating Panda Warm Steam Eye Masks are great to relieve tired and dry eyes, dark circles, puffy eye, eye bags, eye fatigue, fine lines, soothes and moisturizes your eyes

Getting stressed, can’t sleep due to the current stressful situation? Our self-heating eye masks are great to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and help you fall asleep.

Want to pamper yourself but you can’t go out due to lockdown?  Create a calming home spa. Tear open a packet, take out our eye mask, sit back and relax, enjoy the luxurious self-care experience and have a good time!

Each box comes with:

10 Pcs of auto-heating steam eye masks (individually packed)

When to use your SOTI Auto-Heating Panda Eye Masks

Feeling stressed and tired emotionally and physically

When it’s hard to fall asleep

When you have dry and tired eyes after using your phone or computer all-day 

Why buy SOTI Soothing Eye Masks?

THEY LAST LONGER: More than 30 minutes of comfortable of heat therapy (up to 60 minutes) 

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Extra soft material. A sleep mask with added heat therapy.

 SAFE: Keeps the maximum temperature at 104℉ (40°C) , worry-free even when you fall asleep.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

How to use SOTI Panda Heat Therapy Eye Mask?

STEP 1️: Remove the Soti steam eye mask from the individually packed pouch

STEP 2: Unfold the soft white ear-loops on the sides and then put them comfortably around your ears

STEP 3: Wait 1 minute for the Soti self-warming steam eye mask to heat up. Enjoy you Spa! 

Click "Add To Cart" to take the first step for a better sleep.


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