Jermaine Burton

 Jermaine Burton

3 min read | Sep 4, 2019


 Hey Jermaine! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a four-star football wide receiver from Calabasa, CA. I’ve been using Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening since August 2018.


Why did you start using Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening?

My mom tried the Teeth Whitening Kit and loved it.  I gave it a try when I got home, whitens my teeth in no time.  I have been the busiest with my commitments, fans number growing, I need to look good on social media.  I'm in love with the results.

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{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Monika Ordowska"}


"date":"Sep 3, 2019",

"background":"29 year old International Model & TV Presenter from Las Vegas, NV, United States.",

"body":"Are you dreaming about white teeth? Here's what I use @trycrystalclear. Crystal Clear teeth whitening helped me whiten my smile"}

{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Lex Olson"}


"date":"Aug 31, 2019",

"background":"22 year old University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate from Madison, WI, United States",

"body":"Normally I wouldn't promote teeth whitening products but Crystal Clear @trycrystalclear works and it donates a portion of every order to a child whose family can't afford dental care! #tryitout"}

{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Jermaine Burton"}


"date":"Aug 15, 2019",

"background":"18 year old four-star football wide receiver from Calabasas, CA, United States",

"body":"My mom loves this product. I've used it and it whitened my teeth in no time, Love it!"}

{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Makenna Beigh"}


"date":"Aug 2, 2019",

"background":"21 year old UCLA Panhellenic President from Los Angeles, CA, United States",

"body":"The girls in my sorority are starting to notice that I've got whiter teeth! Wow...this product actually works! "}