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{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Monika Ordowska"}


"date":"Sep 3, 2019",

"background":"29 year old International Model & TV Presenter from Las Vegas, NV, United States.",

"body":"Are you dreaming about white teeth? Here's what I use @trycrystalclear. Crystal Clear teeth whitening helped me whiten my smile"}

{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Lex Olson"}


"date":"Aug 31, 2019",

"background":"22 year old University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate from Madison, WI, United States",

"body":"Normally I wouldn't promote teeth whitening products but Crystal Clear @trycrystalclear works and it donates a portion of every order to a child whose family can't afford dental care! #tryitout"}

{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Jermaine Burton"}


"date":"Aug 15, 2019",

"background":"18 year old four-star football wide receiver from Calabasas, CA, United States",

"body":"My mom loves this product. I've used it and it whitened my teeth in no time, Love it!"}

{"type":"community","title":"CRYSTAL CLEAR CUSTOMER","name":"Makenna Beigh"}


"date":"Aug 2, 2019",

"background":"21 year old UCLA Panhellenic President from Los Angeles, CA, United States",

"body":"The girls in my sorority are starting to notice that I've got whiter teeth! Wow...this product actually works! "}