NFL team photographer Elijah Ernandez – Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening


NFL team photographer Elijah Ernandez

Hey Elijah! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a NFL players photographer from Los Angeles, CA, USA.  

Why did you start using Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening?

I wanted to smile without holding back.  I am always on the road shooting photos of the team, I really don't have the time to sit on a dentist chair for hours to fix my stained teeth.  I’ve been using the Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening Kit since May 2020 and the Teeth Whitening Kit has become my favorite teeth whitening product.  It works for me without sensitivity and it saves me a trip to my dentist. 

What was your reaction after using Crystal Clear for the first time?

After I used the Kit for the first time for like 10 minutes, I already saw the difference of 2 shades lighter.  It was formulated by US dentists so I was quite confident in it even before I started.  It didn't disappoint, it gave me results in just minutes.  After a few times, my smile was much brighter, definitely more confident now.  Amazing stuff, much love!





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Why Everyone loves Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening?

Dr. Greg Grillo D.D.S (American Dental Surgeon)

"Choose a proven system, like Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening, and you’ll be using a product trusted by dental professionals and patients."

Alina Chirculescu (Emirates Flight Attendant)

"Omg I love it. After one use already saw the result. I didn't expect really. "

Sama El-bordini (Miss Arab World)

"I like it from the second day. 2 shades lighteron the 2nd day."

Monika Ordowska (Entrepreneur and Model)

"Are you dreaming about white teeth? Here's what I use @trycrystalclear. Crystal Clear teeth whitening helped me whiten my smile"

Jermaine Burton (Star receiver)

"My mom loves this product. I've used it and it whitened my teeth in no time, Love it!"

Seth Owen (RN)

"Thank you Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening for brightening up my smile! I've already notice a difference after just one treatment. Blink of the eye delivery too.#trycrystalclear"

Jasmine Umana Esq (lawyer)

"Thank you Crystal Clear Teeth Whitening! I am loving my new bright smile. #trycrystalclear!"

Lex Olson (Wisconsin graduate)

"Crystal Clear @trycrystalclear really works and it donates a portion of every order to a child whose family can't afford dental care! This is amazing! #tryitout"

Catie Hinson (Debate champion)

"I am so happy with the results. Myteeth got 4 shades whiter in 2 days. Vegan, cruelty-free and no harmful chemicals. It's the real deal! @trycrystalclear"

Makenna Beigh (UCLA Panhellenic President)

"The girls in my sorority are starting to notice I've got whiter teeth! Wow...this product actually works! "

Elijah Ernandez (NFL star photographer)

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Brandee Alexis (Miss L.A.)

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